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GLC Tournament Leaderboard

Do you want to be the very best? Fancy yourself an expert of a certain type? Want to be the next Brock, Misty or Lance? The CardBoard Warriors leaderboard tracks the progress of all our tournament participants and determines who is the very best of each type.

Season 5 Details

Season 5 of the Gym Leader Challenge Leaderboard will begin on September 27th and extend for roughly 6-8 tournaments per region. We have one time slot per region, with European tournaments taking place at 6:00 PM GMT/UTC +0, and Americas tournaments taking place at 8:00 PM EDT/UTC -4. Make sure to get in all the points you can prior to the Season Finale!

Season Finals

The season finals will be comprised of two tournaments, one per region. The tournament is invitation only. In order to receive an invitation, you must place at the top of a type leaderboard or the top of the overall leaderboard. The overall leader will get to choose the type they play in the finals, but the type leaders will have to play that type during the tournament. If you lead more than one type, you will play the type that you have the most points in, and the second place gym leader will play in your stead. These rules provide some room to gain an edge by playing less popular types in order to make it into the finals.

The finals will be a 4 round swiss tournament with an Elite 4 top cut, and a champion that moves on to play against the other region's champion.

Leaderboard Scoring

The leaderboard tracks scoring through tournament points earned in our weekly Wednesday Night GLC tournaments. Participants earn 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. If you drop from a tournament, you stop gaining points towards the leaderboard, so stay in and grind those points!

We will have both a European friendly leaderboard, and a North and South American friendly leaderboard. Every two weeks, participants get a shot to earn points for one of the leaderboards. However, there is nothing stopping you from topping both charts!

Top one of the type leaderboards and win a tournament, and you will enter our Hall of Fame! Hall of Fame entrants will earn a gym badge of their type and live forever in GLC lore.

Async League Details

Season 4 of the Async Gym Leader Challenge League will begin on September 16th at 00:00 UTC and last for 6 weeks. The asynchronous league allows players that can't normally attend tournament to still participate in a GLC leaderboard when it is convenient for them. Each win is 3 points on that type's leaderboard. You may not challenge the any player more than one time per week. Each week resets Saturday at 00:00 UTC.

This leaderboard functions the same as the tournament leaderboard with an Async finals at the end of the season. So get going to top a type and reach for the Hall of Fame!

You can find the full ruleset here.

Europe Overall Leaderboard

Trainer Points 🏆 Record Geffrey Van der Veken 261 11 87-31-0 jeoshuaobladi 162 1 54-29-0 Subject00147 113 -- 37-52-2 DT Leonardo 95 3 31-16-2 DT® Salva303 87 1 29-20-0 Maggara 82 -- 27-12-1 bcevasco 75 -- 25-19-0 RooskyDoosky 69 2 23-8-0 Wheatr 66 -- 22-18-0 Harri 64 2 21-16-1
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