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Wheatr @CardBoardWar_ Thursday, September 14, 2023

Asynchronous GLC League

Join in with the new Asynchronous Leaderboard, starting this weekend, and start earning those points!

This Saturday UTC 00:00 sees the start of a new leaderboard for CardBoard Warriors with the aim of making it easier to play more competitive GLC, more often - welcome to the Async League!

This league is asynchronous. That means games are played whenever you want thought the week, against other Async League players, and reported in the #async-game-reports channel of the CBW discord. There’s no maximum or minimum to the number of games you can play in a week, so join in as much as you want! Importantly however, you can only challenge the same person to a League game once each week.

During a week, you can earn points for each win you achieve, but only your three first wins will count towards your points total for the week. That's not to say that the other games are wasted though, as your maximum win streak and overall win percentage are used to break ties in that order, so keep pushing to boost your streak record!


There will be end of season prizes, so stay tuned for more details!


As with our other leaderboard, there will be an end-of-season tournament between the overall points leader and the type leaders. The finals will be asynchronous as well with players playing bo3s in a seeded bracket. The tournament winner will be entered into the CardBoard Warriors GLC Hall of Fame!

Check out the full rules here, and we hope to see you soon!