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Adam Knight @CardArtisan Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Mid-Season Breakdown


We are coming to the midway point of the season, the leaderboards are filling out nicely, and there are some lovely things to look forward to. Our very own JeoshuaObladi is topping the EU leader board, followed closely by Bcevasco and the Americas board is being dominated by the same 2 players with Bcevasco in the lead. With still 5 weeks to go and half of the season left, the title is still up for grabs!

The Type leaders are all filling up their points with their favorite types and we look forward to seeing the finals in ~5 weeks time with each type being represented, and everyone battling it out for the first ever Hall of Fame induction.

So what else is going on? Well, just this weekend on the 27th of August, we have the Summer Slam event where you can win a TROPICAL BEACH for free. That's right, just join us on limitless by signing up here and take your path to glory!

The finals will be held on Saturday, the 1st of October, at 6pm GMT.