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Wheatr @@CardBoardWar_ Wednesday, April 24, 2024

CardBoard Warriors GLC Spring Championship - $100 Prize Pool!

We are grateful to have this tournament and the prizing sponsored by Heavily Played. Heavily Played (coming soon) is the newest TCG marketplace where you can find the cards you need at unbeatable prices. Keep checking back for updates on Heavily Played!

Welcome to the CardBoard Warriors GLC Spring Championship! The goal of this tournament is to offer players a substantial prize pool, and hope to accumulate the best talent across the world for a GLC tournament!

The tournament will place in the CardBoard Warriors discord using webcam channels. Judges will be hopping between tables to ensure tournament integrity.


Follow this link to register!


  • Swiss rounds (minimum 5 rounds)
  • Top 4 cut bo1

Prizing sponsored by Heavily Played!

  • $100 in total prizes
  • 1st: $45
  • 2nd: $25
  • 3rd/4th: $15


Proxies are allowed so long as they are color printouts from the limitless proxy tool. Proxies must be indistinguishable from other cards. Energy cards with proxy names do not count and will result in a game loss.


Please don't cheat, and please don't break the rules. We are all here to have fun.

  • Shuffling MUST occur on screen.
  • Hand, discard pile, deck and prizes MUST stay on screen at all times.
  • Opposing players may request a cut after shuffling.
  • Opponent's may request a cut after shuffling occurs for a deck search or any other shuffling action.
  • There are NO EXTRA TURNS at the end of time. Either player has the right to choose a draw regardless of board state when time is called. That said, it is best to opt to choose a winner if time is called and there is a clear winner on board.
  • Be sure to call for a judge if you think your opponent is slow playing.

If you feel something is wrong, or you are unsure, call a judge. The judge will have sole discretion over whether an infraction results in a game loss. All judge decisions are final.

Please read our webcam play guidelines before playing in the tournament!


  • 45 minute rounds (includes 5 minute check-in timer)
  • Best of 1
  • Rounds start when all matches have completed in the previous round.
  • The 45 minute time limit is a hard cutoff, there are NO extra turns. The tournament is formatted this way to conclude in a reasonable amount of time and make judging easier.

Top Cut (4 players)

  • 45 minute rounds (includes 5 minute check-in timer)
  • Best of 1
  • 5 minute check-in
  • Rounds start when all matches have completed in the previous round.
  • There will be extra turns in top cut. At the end of turns, if the game is not concluded, whichever player has taken more prizes is declared the winner.

And remember, good luck and have fun!