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Wheatr @EricHurtDev Wednesday, September 14, 2022

European Leaderboard Season 1 Coming to an End

Welcome Gym Leaders! Today, I write to you with only a single European leaderboard tournament left in Season 1 of the CardBoard Warriors Gym Leader Challenge Leaderboard series. It has been an exciting season with over 90 participants so far. The top of the leaderboard is packed, and nearly anyone can still make it to the finals.


The Gym Leader from each type, the trainer with the most points, as well as the overall points leader will be placed in an invitation-only tournament where the leaders will battle it out to make the Elite 4 of their region, and the winner will be declared the region champion. The champion of each region will face off in the grand finals in a best of 5 showdown to find the worldwide champion!

The final tournaments will take place on September 28th during the normal tournament time slot for each region, with the grand finals occurring on October 1st.


This season's type leaders that have won a tournament will receive a special gym badge shipped for free by us, the CBW! The two champions will also be entered into the CardBoard Warriors Hall of Fame.

Leaderboard Update

Here is a breakdown of the current state of the leaderboard. The differential column shows the number of points the current leader is ahead of the second place player in that type. You can check the leaderboard to find out more information.

Dan Irish31+10
[DT] Akuma2324+6

There are still 7 types with less than a 10 point differential. Tournament winners and high placers can gain 12 or more points easily. Get in there and get that top spot!

We hope to see you in the finals! Good luck Gym Leaders!