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Wheatr @CardBoardWar_ Monday, January 16, 2023

Top 5 GLC Cards from Crown Zenith

Crown Zenith releases January 20th and will have some amazing new artwork of past Pokemon releases. In addition to the reprints, there are some great new GLC cards that have yet to be included in English sets. Can't wait to see how things change in the GLC meta.

Luxio + Luxray

Lightning finally got some help! This luxio is pretty wild with its Shorting Spark attack dealing 90 damage to each opponent's Pokemon with a tool attached. Sniping Octillery, Malamar, opposing Dynamotors and other support Pokemon has never been easier. What a great addition for Lightning!

Okay, so there are actually 6 cards in this review. This Luxray didn't quite make top 5, but while writing about Luxio I couldn't miss the opportunity to talk about the new Luxray!

Luxray's ability, Explosiveness, is similar to Talonflame's where it can be placed as your starter despite it being a stage 2! For a single energy, Luxray can deal 50 damage and search your deck for 2 trainer cards and put them into your hand. What an insane starter. Starting Luxray is sure to help Lightning win some games.


Seemingly all Kyogre cards are amazing. This one can do 180 damage to any opposing Pokemon for WWWC. Not only does Kyogre snipe basically anything (Rillaboom, Venusaur, Dragonite, Aegislash, Charizard), but you get the energy back so you can accelerate it to something else next turn!


This Zamazenta is an insane tank with its Metal Shield ability reducing damage from your opponent's attacks by 30. Stack on Aegislash, a frying pan/metal goggles and shield energy and Zamazenta takes 100 less damage from each attack.

In addition to the tankiness, Zamazenta has a revenge attack dthat does 100 + 120 if your Pokemon was knocked out last turn for only 3 energy. Zamazenta will be an auto-include in most metal lists.


Mewtwo from Crown Zenith is just the attacker Psychic was looking for. When you opponent has 3 prizes or fewer remaining, Mewtwo's attack does 180 damage for 3 energy. With Malamar's energy recharge + dimension valley, Mewtwo can be loaded from hand and attack in a single turn. Gym Leader Challenge Psychic decks got the big hitter they really needed!


Besides the adorable art, this bidoof is optimal for GLC Colorless decks. With a single retreat cost and its ability Carefree Countenance, Bidoof doesn't take damage while on the bench (though it can still take counters). Since Colorless has no bench barrier, Bidoof's ability helps protect against opposing spread decks which Colorless sorely needs.