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Colorless GLC Deck

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Andre Castela @gajomusculado48 Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Primal Wings

As of Silver Tempest, Colorless has become a force to be respected. With very powerful and efficient attackers that aim to deal 160 to 180 damage every turn, very good draw power with BRS Bibarel and SSH Cinccino and the new addition of Skwovet in SV1, this archtype is contender for best type in format alongside Water and Psychic.

What’s so good about it? Colorless has 3 different energy cards that provide 2 colorless energies each, making all the attackers in the deck able to deal enough damage to KO almost any Pokemon in the format for very few attachments.

Key Pokémon

Archeops is what makes colorless a force to be respected. Being able to have any attacker ready to deal with any threat simply by declaring an ability is overpowered. The downside? It’s a stage 2 fossil Pokémon, meaning you need to rapidly find the pieces to pull off an early game Pokémon Research Lab, a stadium that allows you to search your deck and put down Archen and Aerodactyl.

The draw engine: Paired with Bibarel, the Skwovet can help you see a lot of new cards every turn, while also putting unwanted cards on the bottom of the deck! This is also very powerful because you can put energies from your hand back into your deck in order to accelerate them into play with Archeops. Cinccino is your backup draw Pokémon in case Bibarel decided to take a trip to the prizes.

The attackers: Snorlax, Lugia and Aerodactyl are your big hitters! They are efficient and hit like a truck. Being able to do so much damage for only 3 energies is very scary.

Kanghaskan is a really nice revenge attacker that attacks for 120 for just a DCE, pair it with Guzma and you can take out any pokemon on the field for very low commitment.

Tornadus + Flyinium Z is your most powerful attack. It changes the tide of the game in your favour any time you use it. It getting immunity to everything while also doing 180 damage is not something to be slept on. Be aware that it being a GX attack it can only be used once per game, but pair it with hand disruption like N or Marnie and you can be sure that you you will many games because of it!


Prizing Archen, Archeops or Lab usually leads to a very rough and slow early game which usually means you’re gonna have a bad time and fall behind. Gusting and KO’ing Archen/Archeops too soon is also very detrimental for your game plan. Ability lock hurts a lot too but there’s only so much you can do!

Early Game Plan

You almost always want to go second to raise your odds of using Lab as soon as turn 1. In this list you have Guzma&Hala, Arven, Tag call and Stadium Nav in order to dig for it the stadium. Your goal is to do as much as you can in the first couple of turns in order to establish a game winning boardstate.

The perfect scenario for ending turn 1 would be snorlax in the active with an energy attached, Bidoof ready to evolve and using lab to place Archen and Aerodactyl on the bench. This way you apply so much pressure with snorlax that you almost force them to knock out Snorlax leaving Archen safe on the bench.

Mid Game Plan

During the mid game, assuming you have Archeops setup, your job is to evaluate which attacker is best for each turn. Knowing which Pokemon to knockout is also very important! Sometimes overcommiting energies to the wrong attacker can backfire later in the game, as you might run out of energies and you might also not be able to find your Special Charge to recover them soon enough. Knowing when to use your GX attack is also very important. As mentioned before, paired with hand disruption, Speeding Skystrike GX can single handedly win you the game!!


  • Use Skwovet’s ability to put energies and/or Archen (before using lab) back in deck to be able to use Primal Wings and Fossil Research Lab! This also means you can use Nest Stash to reduce your hand size to 1 card, either because you want to dig for a certain card or to even combo it with cards like Cyllene! Nest Stash and Bibarel’s Industrious Incisors makes the perfect combo too, meaning you can ditch your hand to the bottom of your deck and effectively see 5 new cards!

  • In the first turns of the game it’s very important to know if Lab, Archen and Archeops are prized or not. It changes your odds of winning comfortably dramatically. Knowing which double energies are prized is also key because it changes how greedy you can be with your energy attachments.

How to update the deck for SV2

With SV2, switching (no pun intended) the Warp energy for the new Jet Energy and the Draw Energy for the Therapy Energy makes the deck more consistently attack with snorlax back to back. Iono is a very good disruption card that should be in every deck from here on, no questions asked.

Deck List