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GLC Metal Deck

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Sopko @dsopko91 Friday, November 18, 2022

Flying Metal

As a new player who started this year, I bring a new look and thought process of deck building to the community. GLC is my favorite format to play, and as someone new it allows these fresh ideas to come to life. From my younger MTG days where I excelled at draft building, I hope to bring that creativity here. I present to you my Flying Metal deck!

Goal of the deck

Similar to the “meta” metal deck, the goal is to build up those heavy attackers while maintaining damage off of them. Copperajah and Dialga are two of the most known attackers with Cobalion hitting late game and Magearna if your opponent benches heavily. The longer the deck plays, the better it gets, why? Magnezone. The idea of the deck is to allow energy acceleration as needed whenever you lose an attacker with the Giga Magnet ability from Magnezone. This will allow you to set up your attackers multiple times throughout the game and in the same turn.

First or Second?

I feel as the deck is stronger going second as you can play Adaman or Marnie. You can evolve Bronzor to Bronzong and help start accelerating energy from the discard. I also feel going second allows you to feel more comfortable to play Pokestop, as that is the key card to help you turn through your deck and help set up your combo faster. Going second also allows you to attack with Magearna and Dialga to do any hand fixing you need. Of course if you do go first, it can help with hitting copperajah faster.

Most important cards?

I mentioned how the deck runs around Magnezone and wants Pokestop to accelerate through the deck where we play multiple items to cycle the energies back in. Some are choosing the new Klinklang in their metal decks but defeats the purpose of reusing recyclables. The Jirachi is very important to get set up early with the U-Turn Board, because the board cannot just be Field Blower away. This allows us to have a draw accelerator with free retreat which is huge in a deck like this where we use Bronzong’s Metal Links ability to accelerate from the discard to the bench. HHB and Gladion are both included due to needing Magnezone down asap. Let’s talk about the other Supporters, in a fast style-self milling deck like this, you need what’s most important. Adaman allows you to not just recycle energy, but to go grab any 2 cards from your deck is game changing. Guzma, N, Marnie are very needed in any deck, as they are hand disruptions to your opponent, help you draw and allow you to KO anything on your opponent’s bench. Klara, Cynthia & Caitlin, Lusamine are all used in more mid-late games to help bring back key cards or to have an infinite draw-supporter combo. The combo to bring back Pokestop or Crystal Cave was too big to not include the infinite combo.

Our Big Attackers

Of course the deck is to speed up the process and bounce back of these guys to keep taking knockouts. The items we play also allow them to survive longer and to help keep them in the match longer. I have tried Celesteela in the deck, I do believe it is too situational for the deck. I could see current Zacian or the next Zamazenta in this list as both will be strong basic metal attackers. Maybe also if we see more special conditions, we may opt for the other Copperajah with a special energy.

Healing those Big Guns

We play a lot of damage prevention and healing options. Crystal Cave is of course amazing as well as the tools that metal has in their pocket. I would like to talk about other options because that was one thing I cut a battle compressor and Celesteela for after testing, finding myself looking for more consistency and healing options. I opted for Team Yell Towel because healing our opponent’s active will not matter much in a matchup with these heavy hitters. I was considering Hyper Potion, Last Chance Potion and the new Emergency Jelly, all seem a little too risky/situational and what else to cut is very hard to say. I would consider the other option of running a Tag Call with Guzma & Hala and Mallow & Lana so you can get the stadium, tool, energy and heal but again, a very tight list and discarding any more cards to search seems tough.


With AR Kyogre out of the format, it is hard to say if we have any bad matchups. We have attackers strong enough to take out anything in the format, including the new Wailord from SIT. I was considering the Galarian Perrserker in the lineup or Muscle Band but unless you’re really concerned for something specific like that, I would not run it in the overall deck. Fire is of course our weakness and they struggle without POGO Charizard which we can OHKO along with any of their supporters and I am confident we can win the race to do that in most matchups. I have beat normal metal decks with this deck and not worried about any mirror matchups. Any control style deck relies on being down on prizes and having your active stuck, there’s a lot of switch options and just keep that in mind in those matchups.


Metal has always been strong since the start of the format but always too slow to set up and almost impossible to stop once it is. This list is to accelerate the deck and it is a very fun deck, by far my favorite way to play metal. I hope you try it out and let me know what you think! Thank you and enjoy!

Deck List

##Pokémon - 11

  • 1 Bronzor TEU 100
  • 1 Cobalion STS 74
  • 1 Cufant SHF 49
  • 1 Dialga CEL 20
  • 1 Jirachi VIV 119
  • 1 Magearna VIV 128
  • 1 Magnemite UPR 80
  • 1 Bronzong PHF 61
  • 1 Copperajah SSH 137
  • 1 Magneton ASR 106
  • 1 Magnezone ASR 107

##Trainer Cards - 39

  • 1 Lusamine CIN 96
  • 1 Escape Rope BST 125
  • 1 U-Turn Board UNM 211
  • 1 Metal Saucer SSH 170
  • 1 Evolution Incense SSH 163
  • 1 Switch CES 147
  • 1 Timer Ball SUM 134
  • 1 Trekking Shoes ASR 156
  • 1 Metal Goggles TEU 148
  • 1 Metal Core Barrier UNB 180
  • 1 N FCO 105
  • 1 Crystal Cave EVS 144
  • 1 Nest Ball SUM 123
  • 1 Quick Ball FST 237
  • 1 Evosoda XY 116
  • 1 Acro Bike PRC 122
  • 1 Guzma BUS 115
  • 1 Level Ball BST 129
  • 1 Float Stone BKT 137
  • 1 Adaman ASR 135
  • 1 Hisuian Heavy Ball ASR 146
  • 1 Cynthia & Caitlin CEC 189
  • 1 Ultra Ball FCO 113
  • 1 Rare Candy PGO 69
  • 1 Professor's Letter XY 123
  • 1 Metal Frying Pan FLI 112
  • 1 VS Seeker PHF 109
  • 1 Marnie PR-SW 120
  • 1 Klara CRE 145
  • 1 Gladion CIN 95
  • 1 PokéStop PGO 68
  • 1 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
  • 1 Super Rod NVI 95
  • 1 Random Receiver DEX 99
  • 1 Team Yell Towel SHF 63
  • 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
  • 1 Energy Retrieval SLG 59
  • 1 Revive ROS 88
  • 1 Pal Pad UPR 132

##Energy - 10

  • 10 Metal Energy Energy 8