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GLC Interview with Sasso

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Card_Artisan @CardArtisan Monday, June 20, 2022

Sasso the unstoppable?

Welcome Warriors! This week's community spotlight is centered around a young man rising up in the ranks of Pokémon TCG. A 15 year old, multiple top 8 placing, monster, from standard to gym leader challenge, Sasso, is a force to be reckoned with. With his recent invite to worlds and placing this season, I thought it might be nice to say hello to Sasso and ask a few questions.

Hello Sasso,

First off id like to say thank you for agreeing to be asked a few questions for the community spotlight and well done on taking down the event.

(CBW) Going into Wednesday Night GLC, what was the reason behind taking dark?

(Sasso) I choose dark because I like the weezing + absol combination to block the opponent's retreat and take control of the game.

(CBW) It's for sure no question that ability lock is very strong in GLC, so good job on exploiting that. Knowing what you wanted to do during the game, was there any match ups you wanted to avoid?

(Sasso) Surely with dark I did not want to meet fighting because it takes advantage of my weakness and with colorless, I'm unsure of the matchup or how the deck is fully working, so I think that would have been my hardest match up.

(CBW) Thank you Sasso for speaking with me briefly, I'd just like to ask. for such a young player you have had some great accomplishments already. Aside from the Worlds invite, what has been your highlight in competition TCG?

(Sasso) My most important results in pokemon worlds are:

  • Top 8 Cannes with Celebi, Venusar + Vileplume
  • Top 4 Sheffield with Guagnag + Keldeo
  • Top 1 Malmo with Cinccino mill
  • Top 2 Liverpool with Gengar Houndoom

(CBW) Wow that really is so impressive. I can whole heartedly say that the community will be watching your career with great interest I'm sure - a very nice resume for a young man. I look forward to seeing you at Worlds in august. Have a great day Sasso.

(Sasso) Thank you for taking the time to ask me some questions!

There it is Warriors, short sweet and to the point. We would like to wish Sasso all the very best in the upcoming Worlds event and I'm sure we will get a glimpse of this man's upcoming future within the TCG.

Thanks for reading along Warriors, have a lovely day!